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Berel Wein's Israel Journey / Jerusalem


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In this 90-minute DVD you embark on a magical journey through the modern State of Israel, the most recent chapter in the long and famous history of the Jewish people. Stand at the sites, as Berel Wein explains their historical context and unlocks their spiritual mysteries.

Israel Journey takes your heart, mind, and soul on a personal tour of Israel's past, present and future.

The State of Israel is at the core of the Jewish faith. Jews the world over tell first person accounts of the breathtaking emotion of their first encounter with the Promised Land. Nevertheless, many Jews have never had the opportunity to tangibly experience the spiritual chord that Israel strikes in every Jewish heart.

Berel Wein's Israel Journey, for the first time, brings Israel's history, spirit, and beauty to you, into your own home. If you cannot come up to Jerusalem this year in person, Berel Wein's Israel Journey can take you there in spirit.

The beauty, mystery, and spirituality of Jerusalem are legendary. It is a city as modern as today, and as ancient as our faith. Whether you are in the boutiques on Ben Yehuda Street, or the covered walkways of the Old City, the spiritual pulse of King David's capital never leaves you.

Berel Wein's historical insights again blend the past and present, and give the streets and sights the unique texture and meaning, which is the true Jerusalem experience.

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