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The Legacy:
Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis
By Rabbi Berel Wein and Rabbi Warren Goldstein

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Exploring the wisdom of the great sages of Lithuania, The Legacy presents a moral and spiritual vision for the Jewish people. Providing a glimpse into the world of these sages – their own teachers’ rabbis – the authors outline the ideas and deeds, the values and ethics by which Jews should live. This is not a book about what once was: It is a book about what should, and can, be – now and forever in Jewish life.

One of the great challenges of coming to grips with Torah is that it is the wisdom of Hashem and therefore unlimited in its breadth and depth.

As mere mortals, we are confronted with how to understand it, where to channel our efforts, and how to view specifics in the context of the entire system.

Through understanding what Gedolei Yisrael (the great sages of Israel) over the ages chose to emphasize, we get a better understanding of Torah itself. We are able to gain perspective and a context for understanding Torah Judaism, as well as a broad map for the direction of our lives.

Limitations of the mental and emotional capacity of students, not to mention limitations of space and time, may have led our Torah sages to emphasize certain principles.

On a practical and strategic level, focusing on a few key objectives helps people to achieve success because the objectives are clear. This clarity prevents distraction and confusion and provides a clear framework of eternal principles in a changing world, to inspire strength and commitment.

“I am Lithuanian and everything is true.” Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

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