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Try a FREE Issue of the WeinPress - The thought provoking Wein Press newsletter is published ten times a year. A wonderful source of new information and inspiration written by Rabbi Berel Wein.
'This monthly newsletter, the contents for which I am solely responsible, is meant to inform, provoke, and hopefully entertain thoughtful people on topics of Jewish interest. It is not meant to be a Torah journal per se, though I hope that the wisdom and serenity of Torah and its values will be apparent on its pages. A large number of people (at least three) have asked me, over the years, to write my thoughts on current Jewish and general events, history and human comedy. I am now doing so in my Wein Press. Again, the opinions expressed are mine alone and you are free to disagree - though I must warn you, I am always right!'

This newsletter appears ten times a year and each issue includes an article about Jewish history/biography/geography, as well as articles about Israel, and American Jewry. There are also book recommendations and some "Weiny" trivia. I appreciate hearing from you and I am always anxious to read your comments and suggestions. The prophet Isaiah said it best: "Come let us debate, discuss and reason together"
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