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Modern History
From the Mussar Movement to the State of Israel
History / Part 3 - 1800 CE to 1973
26 Lectures

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Noted Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein traces the fascinating story of 19th and 20th century forces that drive modern Jewish life. Follow Rabbi Wein's anecdotes and insights into this turbulent piece of our history. Secular Zionism and the Mussar movements, a Lithuanian answer to Chassidus, were on the rise as both religious and non-religious Jews sought a more spiritual life. Many Jews were trying to escape the growing anti-Semitism that plagued the shtetls by moving to America and Israel. But with the rise of Hitler in Germany, Jewish life would never be the same, and Rabbi Wein explores the forces that devastated Jewish Europe. Finally, Rabbi Wein discusses Zionism's answer to the Holocaust, the establishment of a Jewish state. Israel gathered in survivors and put them to work building a country. But even today, Israel struggles for survival among its enemies. Rabbi Wein's engaging account of Modern Jewish history will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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