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Abarbanel: A Man of Many Worlds

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Don Isaac Abarbanel

The Abarbanel, son of Judah Abarbanel, was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1437, a direct descendant of King David. Raised in the royal Renaissance court of Portugal, like his father and grandfather, he became a man of many worlds: advisor and financier to Kings, a Torah scholar, spiritual and temporal leader to his people... and a man of literature, science, politics, and diplomacy.

Appointed financial advisor to the King of Portugal and then to the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, he balanced this with a life of Torah. Facing the rise of Christian fanaticism and the virulent antisemitic decrees of the Spanish Inquisition, he became the de facto leader of Spanish Jewry when Spain decreed that all Jews convert to Christianity.

In 1492, refusing to convert, the Abarbanel led 100.000 fellow Jews into exile, those who had remained true to their faith.

Abarbanel - A Man of Many Worlds, a Berel Wein / Destiny film, dramatically tells the inspiring story of one of the greatest temporal and spiritual leaders in Jewish history.

USB stick includes full length movie PLUS an 8 minute behind the scenes Making of the Abarbanel preview

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