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Basic Beliefs of Judaism
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What does it mean to be Jewish in practical terms? What do Jews believe and how do they function in the everyday world? What are the values of humanity that we espouse, teach and practice. This series enables the listener to formulate answers to these basic questions of faith and practice. It will enhance Jewish knowledge, commitment and pride, and provide thought-provoking insights into the mystery of eternal Jewish existence and self-pride.

Individual Lectures:

Theology - Rabbi Wein has always dreamed of teaching a course called "Emunah 101," and in this series, we reap the benefits. Fundamentally, Judaism is a religion distinct from any other. Rabbi Wein takes us through the ages, from the spiritually backward pagan world our Biblical heroes confronted to the modern-day forms of idolatry: narcissism and celebrity worship. To maintain our faith in the face of these forces takes both devotion and sophistication of mind, and with Rabbi Wein's "Emunah 101," that is what you stand to gain.

The Sanctity of Life - In Judaism, human life is of paramount value. Our mitzvos reflect our innate holiness, and we must treat our fellow man accordingly. Yet the Tanach is brimming with stories of war and violence. Rabbi Wein takes on the complex questions of life and death: of capital punishment, euthanasia, abortion, and even the current conflict in Israel. He examines them through the lens of Torah, clarifying the correct attitude Jews must have toward life itself.

Human Sexuality - Rabbi Wein approaches this most sensitive topic with a firm grounding in Torah. When Adam and Chava sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, the mitzvah to "be fruitful and multiply" lost much of its potential for holiness, making it possible for humanity to degrade sexuality into a mere animalistic urge. But celibacy, which is both unnatural and anti-family, is also not the Jewish way. Outlining the sage advice of Chazal, Rabbi Wein explains how Jews must follow the balanced middle path to restore sexuality to the state G-d first intended, as a means to holiness.

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