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ONE CD IN MP3 FORMAT! Twelve Special Selections from the Wein Collection!

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This group of provocative and inspiring lectures by Rabbi Berel Wein, one of the most sought after lectures in the Jewish world today, are part of the exclusive collection from the Members Only / CD of the Month Club. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to 'attend' twelve of these 'standing room only' lectures at any time that is convenient for you - in your car, as you work, or as you just relax and enjoy Rabbi Wein's observations. Download these select lectures to your Ipod, to your computer, or just play the CD. This is a lasting and tasteful gift for friends, business associates, and of course, for yourself and your family!

Some of Our Special Selections:

Every Child Can Shine
Israeli Elections
Positive Prayer
They Just Don't Get It
Custom vs. Halacha
Modern Media and Jewish Life
Jewish Contributions to Society
How We Got Here

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