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Volume 4

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Conversations with Rabbi Wein - and Friends

Recorded live, Rabbi Wein - and other highly influential Rabbis and leaders discuss topics relating to life, our people, our homeland and more in an informal setting.

Hear their views as they relate their personal experiences and their ideas for the future of the Jewish people. This is your front-row seat to hear the most interesting conversations of the year.
Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Allan Schwartz
Rabbis / New York and Jerusalem

Recorded LIVE in NYC
This conversation explores the differences and similarities and the problems and challenges between the New York Rabbi and the Jerusalem Rabbi. Rabbi Berel Wein will conduct a CONVERSATION with Rabbi Allen Schwartz on personal and communal issues and the great challenges facing the Jewish people today. Though of different generations, Rabbis Wein and Schwartz will reveal the thread that binds the generations and locales of Jewish society together. This is your chance to eavesdrop on an entertaining and important conversation between two popular rabbinic figures.

Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Avi Shafran
In the Public Eye

Recorded LIVE in Staten Island, NY
Rabbi Avi Shafran is one of the leading spokesmen for Orthodox Jewry generally and specifically for Agudath Israel of America. His writings appear regularly in Jewish and general media and he is well known for his communication skills and engaging thoughts. In this conversation, Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Shafran discuss a wide range of topics that are most relevant to the Orthodox Jewish world in America and Israel, as well as general societal topics regarding life and policies in the 21st century.

Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Moshe Miller
The Road to Ruth

Recorded LIVE in Jerusalem
Rabbi Moshe Miller has semicha from Ner Yisroe Rabbinical College of Baltimore, holds a Masters in Philosophy from Brown University and is a past Dean of the Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami. He is currently a sought after lecturer at Michlalah and other colleges and seminaries. Join Rabbi Wein and his close friend, Rabbi Miller as they discuss the publication of his new book, “Rising Moon: Unraveling of the Book of Ruth” among other topics in current Jewish life.

Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Tzvi Klebanow
Charedim and the Army

Recorded LIVE in Jerusalem
Rabbi Klebanow is a founder and president of the Nachal Haredi, the all-religious army brigade of the Israeli army. He also holds a Master’s degree in Engineering. Join Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Klebanow as they discuss the hot button issue of charedim serving in the army and other relevant topics of the day.

Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz
Past and Present

Recorded LIVE in Jerusalem
Rabbi Breitowitz is a Maggid Shiur in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and the Rabbi Emeritus of the Woodbridge Synagogue in Silver Spring, MD. He is also a former Professor of Law at the University of Maryland. Listen in as he and Rabbi Wein discuss topics of their past and present and the past and present of Jewish life.

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