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Conversations with Rabbi Berel Wein and...
Rabbi Nosson Kaminetsky
Rabbi Benjy Levine
Rabbi Dr. J.J. Schacter
Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz
Volume 3

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Conversations with Rabbi Wein - and Friends

Filmed live in Jerusalem and New York, Rabbi Wein - and other highly influential Rabbis and leaders discuss topics relating to life, our people, our homeland and more in an informal setting.

Hear their views as they relate their personal experiences and their ideas for the future of the Jewish people. This is your front-row seat to hear the most interesting conversations of the year.

Lectures include:
Reminiscences and Insights
Rabbi Berel Wein with Rabbi Nosson Kaminetsky
Flimed live in Jerusalem
Rabbi Nosson Kaminetzky is a rosh yeshiva and author of note. A son of Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky and a son-in law of Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz, he possesses a unique insight into the world of Jewry and its rabbinic leadership in the years just after World War II. An engaging speaker and a person of knowledge and erudition, his conversation with Rabbi Wein will help all listeners understand what once was and what currently is in Jewish religious society over the past century.

Jewish Life- Past, Present and Future
Holy Men and Holy Jerusalem
Rabbi Berel Wein with Rabbi Benjy Levine
Filmed live in Jerusalem
Rabbi Benji Levine is the grandson of Rabbi Aryeh Levine, the famous holy Jew of Jerusalem and the trusted rabbi of the Irgun, Lechi and Hagana fighters of the 1940's. Rabbi Benji Levine is a talmudic scholar, a gifted actor and a veteran kiruv person in modern Jewish life. His experiences, insights and recollections highlight a brilliant conversation between him and Rabbi Wein, replete with humour and wisdom

"Controversies, Consolations and Change - Orthodoxy in the Modern Era"
Rabbi Berel Wein with Rabbi Dr. J.J.Schacter
Filmed live in Englewood, NJ
Old freinds and collegues, Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Schachter will engage in a wide- ranging conversation about the immediate past history and current situation of Orthodoxy and the general Jewish world. Insights, anecdotes and personal experiences and reminiscences will highlight this evening's program, as you eavesdrop on a personal conversation between two long-time friends and colleagues.

Synagogues, Rabbis and Lay Leadership - Changes for the Good and the Better over the Past Decades in America and Israel
Rabbi Berel Wein with Rabbi Ralph Pelcovitz
Filmed live in Far Rockaway, NY
Rabbi Wein and Rabbi Pelcovitz - who between them share over a century of rabbinic service to the Jewish people - will converse about their personal lives and experiences in the synagogue rabbinate. Insights into current issues in Orthodox and general Jewish life as well as personally fascinating anecdotes are part of the evening's program. This is a rare opportunity to catch a personal review by two veteran rabbinic figures of American Jewish life as it has developed over the past many decades.

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