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History Series / Part 4

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The Biblical account of Creation carries with it the eternal lesson that our world is ordered. Acceptance of Creation means that there is a purpose to humanity and its history. Belief in evolution, in contrast, is the belief that all human history is random and purposeless. Rabbi Wein cites such Torah giants as the Vilna Gaon and Maimonides and scientists Dr. Alvin Radkowsky and Dr. Lee Spetner to examine the story of Creation from a rational and scientific point of view, making a compelling case against the theory of evolution and proving that the main lessons to be learned from Creation are moral ones.

• Discover how Torah is the ultimate book of science
• The Vilna Gaon describes black holes centuries before their discovery!
• Light explained in both physics and metaphysics
• Quoted excerpts from “On Miracles” by Dr. Alvin Radkowsky, nuclear engineer, physics professor, and Torah scholar
• An absolute must-hear for science buffs!

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