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Erev Shabbos Parshas Bereishis
Diamonds and Settings:
Torah Portions Through the Eyes of Our Scholars

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“Join” Rabbi Wein’s Erev Shabbos Parsha class given live in Jerusalem - and delve into different topics in the weekly parsha. This first class, using the commentary of the 19th century scholar Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Meckelnberg, is based on the style of the Vilna Gaon. Written as a foil to the Haskalah and the Maskilim, the insights contained within this sefer, Ktav V’Kabbalah, will give you a unique understanding of the parsha. In this lecture, based on Parshat Bereishis, you will discover the Torah’s view of serenity and how a Jew brings this into his everyday life. And of course, you will not miss out on the distinctive style that only Rabbi Wein can bring.

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