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Abarbanel - A Man of Many Worlds

Running Time: 76 minutes
For ages 13-and up

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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, the Abarbanel was a direct descendant of King David. He made his home first in Portugal and then in Spain but in both instances was forced to flee due to prejudice and oppression. Though he attempted to convince King Ferdinand in Spain to cease persecuting the Jews, he was unable to reverse the decrees against his fellow Jews. And though he personally and his family were offered protection, the Abarbanel chose loyalty to God, and refused the offer.

On Tisha B’ Av, 1492, two days before Christopher Columbus set sail on his voyage of discovery, the Abarbanel carrying a Torah scroll, led 100,000 of his fellow Jews out of Spain.
Afterward, he settled first in Naples, Italy and then Venice, where he dedicated his life to studying Torah and writing commentaries on Tanach.


Directed by Ashley Lazarus


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