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The Faith and Fate film series dramatically and emotionally tells the story of how the events of the 20th Century impacted on the Jewish people – and the impact the Jewish people had on the century. It allows us to see ourselves in the ‘big picture’ of the nearly 4,100 years of Jewish survival. Highly informative and entertaining, the series tells us that despite the trials and tragedies there are triumphs – and that knowing where we come from will help us to understand where we are going.

Five of the films from this 13-part documentary film series have been completed and are included in the specially priced package. The episodes are listed below:

The Dawn of the Century – 1900-1910 /
The incredible story of the challenges and choices facing the one million Jews making a new life in America – and the nearly 9 million Jews who remained in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Implosion of the Old Order- 1911-1920 /
In the most devastating decade in mankind’s history, imperial greed, Russia’s Communist revolution and WWII, created a cauldron of conflict that changed Jewish and world history forever.

Ominous Skies – 1930-1939 /
How winning WWI and the Great Depression set the stage for WWII – the mistakes, the deceptions, the unheeded lessons of history.

The Miracle of Israel – 1945-1948 /
The incredible and inspirational journey of the Jewish people from their darkest hour to the realization of a 2000 year old dream of returning to the Jewish homeland.

A New Beginning – 1948-1957 /
In a remarkable shift of history, Jews living in different parts of the world faced dramatically different challenges. Israel’s survival was only one of them!

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