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Faith and Fate / The Story of the Jewish People in the Twentieth Century
Implosion of the Old Order 1911-1920
Episode 2
2 Disc Set

Item #: DVD-FAITH 2

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Faith & Fate focuses on how the events of the 20th century impacted on the Jewish people - and how the Jewish people impacted on the century. The series explores how the survival of the Jewish people defied the ravages and challenges of over 40 centuries. It includes original historical clips and photographs rarely seen. By combining the historical videos and the productivity tools on the second accompanying DVD the student and researcher has the tools needed to explore and understand the events that effect us to this very day.


- Jewish Immigration in America
- Tensions in Europe
- World War II
- British Take over Palestine
- The Russian Revolution
- Collapse of the empires
- The Balfour Declaration
- The Versailles Peace Treaty
- The joint
- Europe redefined
- The rise of communism
- New challenges for world Jewry

Features on Movie DVD:

- 60 minute historical DVD in B&W and Color
- Many rarely seen photos from private collections
- Narration and explanation of each event
- Original sound track & special effects
- Ability to navigate DVD by events or by chapter.

Features on Resource DVD

- printable photo archive
- 28 downloadable video clips
- "copy and paste" biographies and historical summaries
- interview videos
- access to additional research
- create your own family tree

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