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Faith and Fate / The Story of the Jewish People in the Twentieth Century
A Special Holocaust Film
Passing the Torch

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A Faith & Fate Special Holocaust Film

This film is the story of one family destroyed and resurrected by the Holocaust and the rebirth of Torah education after the Holocaust.

It is the story of the Jewish People, almost destroyed and stubbornly reborn, despaired of and triumphant.

The movie “Passing the Torch” is a different type of documentary. It records the Holocaust of the 1940s in Europe and the miraculous rebirth of Torah study and Jewish educational and institutional life in its aftermath. However, the movie attempts to place the Holocaust in an historical perspective….even its relationship to the Spanish Inquisition many centuries earlier. Naturally the film has a solemn tone, but it is not depressing, nor is it a gory portrayal of this great crime against humanity and the Jewish people. Rather, as the movie concludes, one feels vindicated, awestruck and wondrous at the accomplishments of the Torah world. In the most positive sense, it is a hauntingly, inspirational experience.

"Passing the Torch also focuses on the centrality and importance of Torah to Jewish survival and continuity. It features some of the dedicated individuals who survived the Holocaust with a passion and mission to rebuild the highest level of Torah education for future generations to face the challenges of the modern world." Berel Wein

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