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Faith and Fate Episode 1
The Dawn of the Century - 1900-1910
with Educators Guide
3 Disk Set

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Perhaps no other century in human existence experienced the terrible and remarkable contrasts of the 20th Century. The century was heroic and tragic, progressive and reactionary, forward-looking, and frighteningly regressive - a century of contradiction, confusion, and massive change.

3 Disk Set It includes original historical clips and photographs rarely seen. By combining the historical videos and the productivity tools on the second accompanying DVD the student and researcher has the tools needed to explore and understand the events that effect us to this very day.Plus the educators CD that is used as a companion for teachers in the classroom.

Faith & Fate - Dawn of the Century
Includes topics on:
* Introduction to the Jewish Nation: * The “Big Picture:" Who are We? / Where are We?
* Life under the European & Ottoman Empire
* A New World / The Philosophy of America
* The Russian / Japanese War
* The Peoples Revolt (1905)
* The Scapegoat – The Jews
* The Pogroms of Europe / Russia
* Jewish Emigration from Russia
* The Search for a Better Life in America
* Russian Oppression
* Searching for Solutions
* The Enlightenment
* The Haskalah
* What is a Jew?
* The Challenge of Judaism
* Judaism – Alive and Well in Europe
* The Mussar Movement
* Zionism - Theodore Herzl & Western European Opposition
* Conflicts over Zionism -
* The Old Yeshuv & The New Yeshuv
* The Sefardim - Winds of Change
* The Working Class Struggle - The Bund
* The Challenges of America - Making Judaism Relevant
* Sefardim meet the Ashkenazim
* Success of Earlier Immigrants - Problems facing New Immigrants
* Religious & Ideological Differences in America - New & Traditional Definitions of Judaism
* Preparing for new challenges as the World changes

Features on DVD #1:
* 60 minute historical DVD in B&W and Color
* Many rarely seen photos from private collections
* Narration and Explanation of each event
* Original Sound Track & special effects
* Ability to navigate DVD by Events or by Chapter

. Features on DVD #2:
* Photo Archive - Downloadable & Printable
* 26 Videos - downloadable Videos
* Biographies - Copy & Paste
* Quick Read Summaries
* Additional Resource Listings
* Trace your own Roots
* Jewish Family Tree Tools & Resources

Features on DVD #3:
Educators Guide which includes:
*Letter to the Educator
*Synopsis of the Episode
*Information on Faith and Fate series
*Objectives and Goals for Teachers
*How to view the series
*How to use the Resource Data on your computer
*Lesson Guide
*Description of DVD chapters
*Class Questions
*Primary Documents and Maps
*Topic Summaries

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