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Guilt and Horror
History Series / Part 3

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After the world saw the atrocities committed in the Holocaust, they realized it was a blot against them. Because of this, public opinion of the Jews was relatively positive – at least for a short time. But the Jews had more battles to fight. War refugees were desperate to enter Palestine while England was doing its best to appease the Arabs by turning them away. The spectacular events that followed, on both the diplomatic and military fronts, culminated in the dramatic creation of the State of Israel.

• Churchill and Truman - Divine guidance in world politics
• The Teitcher Rov's amazing survival story
• the Maapilim - illegal immigration of Holocaust survivors
• the Irgun, the Mossad, and the struggle for statehood

For more on the aftermath of the Holocaust and the birth of the State of the Israel, you won't want to miss "The Miracle of Israel," episode 6 of Rabbi Wein's award-winning documentary film "Faith and Fate."

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