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Insights of the Prophets:
On the Book of Genesis
From the Haftorah Series
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When the Greeks banned the public reading of the Torah, the Rabbis responded with a brilliant solution: public readings from the Books of the Prophets. Each reading is called a ‘Haftorah’ and its message relates to that week’s Torah portion. Sometimes the connections are obvious and sometimes they’re more subtle, but Rabbi Wein’s gripping exegesis is sure to deepen your connection to Shabbos

Individual Lectures:

Bereishis - Part 1: To introduce his comprehensive Haftorah series, Rabbi Wein explains the historic origins of the custom of reading the Prophets. Then, showing the ingenuity with which the rabbis paired the Torah and Haftorah portions, Rabbi delves right into the meaning of the connection between of the Creation story, the prophet Isaiah, and God’s attributes of mercy and justice.

Bereishis - Part 2: The prophet Isaiah exhorts the Jewish people to sing a “new song” to God, but what is the nature of this song? Fundamentally, it is a statement of relationship. As the relationship matures, so the song becomes renewed. With the inspiring example of an Israeli naval officer turned baal teshuva, Rabbi Wein demonstrates how each individual and the Jewish people as a whole can grow to greater and greater heights in relationship with God.

Noach: The Haftorah that accompanies the cataclysmic story of the Flood is one of the most hopeful and encouraging sections of the Prophets. Verse after verse assures the Jewish people that no matter how dire our circumstances, we will ultimately be redeemed and glorified. Rabbi Wein highlights these verses, relates them to Jewish history and our every day world, and awakens us to the wonder of our heritage.

Lech Lecha: In all of Tanach, the strongest indictment against paganism is in Parshas Lech Lecha, and its Haftorah is similarly unsparing. Just as Avraham’s opposition to paganism set him against the rest of the world, so too does the faith of the Jewish people set them apart. There is a high price for standing up for morality in an immoral world, yet as the prophet Isaiah assures us in this Haftorah, God will never abandon us.

Vayera: Miracles take front and center in this Haftorah which records two supreme acts of kindness performed by the prophet Elisha. Rabbi Wein narrates these exciting episodes, comparing and contrasting them to the events in Parshas Vayera, delivering an unforgettable message relevant to anyone who loves children.

Chayei Sarah: Succession to power is the primary theme of both Parshas Chayei Sarah and its Haftorah, but in the case of the Haftorah, which portrays the languishing King David, succession was ridden with discord and rivalry. Rabbi Wein unravels the complicated intrigue within David’s court, bringing life to the impassioned plea of Batsheva that insures the best fate for the Jewish people.

Toldos: Parshas Toldos teaches that the struggle between Esau and Jacob began in the womb, but as we well know, it continues even to this day. Lest we despair from all the mistreatment we have received at the hands of Esau, the words of the latter prophet Malachi reassure us that the struggle will end and the children of Jacob will ultimately prevail

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