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Of all phases of in Biblical history, the period of Judges is the closest parallel to our present world. The Jews were restored to their rightful homeland in the Land of Israel, but they were not unified. Rabbi Wein illustrates this fractious period with its internal and external wars, unresolved until the rise of Devorah the Prophetess whose victory won the Jews 40 years of peace.

• what happened in the vacuum left with the death of Joshua
• how the Mishkan lost its hold on the Jewish people
• Osniel ben Kenaz, Ehud ben Gera & Shamgar ben Anas
• the Judges as military leaders
• the threat of the Philistines, Moab, and Ammon
• the civil war with the tribe of Benjamin
• Devorah and Yael - the bravery of the women
• why the Jewish people are prone to chaotic rule

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