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The Book of Proverbs
3 Lectures

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King Solomon’s Book of Proverbs is chock-full of lessons for living a good and moral life. Focusing on the traits of wisdom and piety and the philosophical challenge of evil, Rabbi Wein applies the timeless teachings of Mishlei to the daily struggles each of us face in this age of wanton terrorism and astounding success. .

Individual lectures:

Wisdom - Shlomo Hamelech was the wisest of all men, but what is wisdom? Is it the genius of an Einstein or a knack for putting things together? “No,” says Shlomo, “Wisdom begins with the fear of Heaven.” With inspiring stories of kiddush Hashem, Rabbi Wein shows how each and every one of us can apply Solomonic wisdom to our everyday lives.

Piety - Contrary to popular opinion, piety is not how “frum” someone is on the outside. Piety is how much we feel God on the inside. This insightful lecture, contrasting healthy humility with its dreaded copycat - insecurity - goes right to the heart of human psychology and shows how all of us can develop piety.

Evil - Great Jewish thinkers have asked it countless times: if God is good, why is the world full of evil? Rabbi Wein presents not only the answers of Mishlei but the views of such giants as the Rambam and the Ramchal. The result is a brief intellectual history of Judaism that brings us right up to the modern day challenge of affluence.

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