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Moses, Joshua and Conquest -
History Series / Part 4

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Moses, the greatest prophet in Jewish history, is the model for all Jewish leaders. His entire life story, his confrontations with Pharaoh, and his impatience with the complaints of the Jews contain lessons for us all. And just as he was the paradigm of leadership, his successor Joshua was the paradigm disciple, following his teacher's path completely. The reign of both, therefore, represents a unique period in Jewish history: years in which our leaders were, so to speak, hand-picked by God.

• Amram, Miriam, and the miraculous birth of Moses
• Moses' speech impediment - a blessing in disguise
• Moses' unique brand of prophecy
• Joshua, reflecting his master like the moon reflects the sun
• the Book of Joshua, "conclusion" to the Five Books of Moses
• Osniel ben Kenaz, restoring the forgotten Torah
• the great return to the Jewish homeland
• Rachav, the great heroine and wife to Joshua

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