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Parshat Ki Tavo
Diamonds and Settings:
Torah Portions Through the Eyes of Our Scholars
Volume 8

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This parsha discusses, among others, two mitzvot. The first, is to bring the first fruits of the harvest up to Jerusalem to be given to the Kohanim (Bikurim). And the second is the mitzvah of maaser, whereby one gives 10% of ones earnings to charity. When one brings the first fruits to the Temple, a special prayer is recited. The wording of this prayer is troubling at first glance. Listen in as Rabbi Wein, using the commentary of the Medrash V’Hamasseh, explains why this particular wording is used. The brilliant insights shed a light on human emotion and how people view the world in different ways. Once again the profound depth of the Torah comes to the fore as the power of tzedakah is revealed and human nature is uncovered.

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