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Listen while you clean! The most celebrated holiday in every Jewish community is Pesach. From the Red Sea to the seder table, noted Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein delves into the history of Pesach observance, the reaction from non-Jews in the form of blood libels, the development of the seder and Haggadah, and the Rabbinic responses to modern problems such as factory matzah and selling chametz. Rabbi Berel Wein explains and illuminates different aspects of this wonderful holiday. This series contains information, insights, stories, and inspiration that will fit every Jewish family's seder table and will provide food-for-thought for the entire year.

Individual lectures:

The History of Pesach - Pesach is the best known and most widely practiced of all Jewish holidays, and with this detailed historical analysis of how it has been observed through the centuries, Rabbi Wein deepens our appreciation of the holiday. From the first Pesach in Egypt to the glory days of the Temple, every Jew can exult in the piety of our forefathers. Moving on to medieval history, Rabbi Wein describes the blood libels Jews regularly faced in our harrowing centuries in Europe, yet how all the while, they steadfastly celebrated Pesach, the holiday of Jewish redemption.

The Seder - The seder is much more than a tradition to be read about in a book; it is handed down from parent to child, from person to person. Rabbi Wein therefore presents the seder from a personal angle, drawing on memories from Jews throughout history. Whether it is the inspirational description of the Netziv's seder at Volozhin, the chilling lack of seder of an assimilated German Jew in 1920, the seder made for American soldiers in World War II, or the Chabad sedarim in Nepal, these gripping stories will have you on the edge of your seat cheering at the power of the seder to unify the Jewish people.

The Haggadah - The principal mitzvah of the Haggadah is to tell the story to our children and our fellow Jews because this is the way our traditions have lasted over the millennia. Rabbi Wein highlights the eternal lessons of the Haggadah, linking us with our ancient past and the promise of our majestic future.

Matzah and Marror - The Jewish preoccupation with food may be the subject of many jokes, but when it comes to Pesach, we get the last laugh. Each of the symbolic foods conveys moral lessons, and from the simple act of eating, we grow spiritually. Rabbi Wein shares some of these lessons, delivering a memorable lecture will prepare your mind and soul for the joyous and holy seder night.

Rabbinic Reponsa 1 - The practice of selling chametz is mentioned in the Mishnah, but it has evolved considerably in the centuries since. Rabbi Wein leads us through the historical processes that caused these changes, describing innovations that mark the Jewish genius for business. Then, rounding out the discussion with the debate over machine vs. hand-made matza, we get a foretaste of the some of the major halachic issues of Pesach.

Rabbinic Responsa 2 - The laws of kashrus are always complex, and this is especially true on Pesach. From the debate over kitinyos to coffee to sugar and sugar substitutes, Rabbi Wein leaves no stone unturned in this meticulous halachic overview that will assist us in having a happy and kosher Pesach.

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