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Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman / The Ramban
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Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman (the Ramban) was the leader of Spanish Jewry in the turbulent thirteenth century. His great Torah scholarship, heroic personal life and incisive analysis of Jewish history and destiny remain a beacon of light shining through the centuries. Rabbi Wein delivered a three part lecture series on the life and times of Ramban in Jerusalem in the summer of 1994, and this series is composed of those lectures. Gain a new perspective on this great man and the time in which he lived.

Individual lectures:

His Life and Times - Though the Ramban earned his living as a doctor, he deliberately kept his practice small so that he would be free to spend much of his time learning Torah. Absorbing the teachings from three great rabbis who each embodied different streams of Jewish thought, the Ramban successfully synthesized them all to produce the Torah commentary that bridges the gap between Sephardim and Ashkenazim and their approaches to kabbalah.

Controversies & Debates - The Rambam aimed to have a private and quiet life, but circumstances thrust him time and again into the heat of controversy. Through his rulings against the corrupt court Jews of the King of Aragon, his compromise regarding the ban on the works of the Rambam, and above all, in his triumph in the forced debate with the apostate Jew Pablo Christiani, we see how his integrity, faith, and dedication to the Jewish people outshone every hardship.

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