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Rav Abraham I. Kook:
Holy Man in the Holy Land
From the Biography Series
3 Lectures

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The name Rav Kook excites controversy even now, but his influence is indisputable. Gentle in personality and tolerant on principle, it is ironic that his life was one of fierce ideological battle. No matter where you stand on Rav Kook, this biography, tracing his beginnings in Eastern Europe to his leadership in the Land of Israel, cannot fail to impress.

Individual lectures:

Rav Kook in Eastern Europe - Brilliant, sensitive, and emotional, the Netziv singled out young Rav Kook in Volozhin, and with the support of his father-in-law, the Aderet, his life in learning seemed assured. But God had different plans, so Rav Kook was obliged to turn to a career in the rabbinate. Rabbi Wein captures the many-sided character of young Rav Kook: his gentleness, his genius, and his unexpected will of iron.

The "Universal" Rabbi - Rav Kook’s arrival in the Land of Israel launched him into public life, and controversy soon followed. A “universal” rabbi who could reach the religious and secular alike, he was remarkable in his ability to unite contradictory camps. But what truly set him apart was his revolutionary view that Zionism was heralding the Messiah.

The Controversies - Rabbi Wein concludes Rav Kook’s biography by jumping right into the controversies that dogged him until the end of his life. From soccer to Hebrew University to the murder of Ben Gurion’s right-hand man, Rav Kook stood up for his ideals and the Jewish people, leaving a lasting legacy but no single individual great enough to take his place.

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