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Second Thoughts
A collection of musings and observations


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“These articles and essays forced me to come to grips with myself and my beliefs. In all truth, this writing experience has touched me, my soul, and my being, in a way that I never foresaw.”

When Rabbi Berel Wein makes a statement like that, you know you are in for a remarkably enjoyable reading experience. As a speaker, historian, and teacher, Rabbi Wein never disappoints. Most people, as someone once said, see but do not observe. Rabbi Wein observes. He sees a “story” in a seemingly trivial event, and then turns a spurt of laughter into a thoughtful exploration of an important theme in life.

In this book, Rabbi Wein looks back at a lifetime rich with learning and achievement. From the perspective of an incredibly crowded and productive career, he looks at the world and, as he calls it, shares his “musings and observations” with a public that has enjoyed and admired his writings and teachings for decades. To him these are second thoughts; to many others they will be stimulating prods to step back from habit and look at themselves and their world with fresh and enthusiastic eyes.

Everything about the author and his writings is suffused with lessons of the Torah, Talmud, and the traditions of the yeshivah and rabbinate.

This book is a sheer joy. Provocative, humorous, thoughtful, stimulating, and informative -- Second Thoughts is filled with all the marvelous qualities one associates with one of our generation’s favorite rabbinic leaders.

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