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Songs of the Tanach
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Think of them as the Jewish symphony in four movements. Think of them as the eternal statement of Jewish nationhood and our relationship to the Eternal. The four Songs of the Tanach - Az Yashir, song of triumph; Haazinu, song of destiny; Devorah's song of national unity; Chana's song of personal deliverance - comprise the Song of Israel. Rabbi Wein explores their essential nature, focusing on the relationship of each song to its author and to the nation as a whole.

Individual lectures:

Az Yashir - This glorious song, sung by the Jewish people in unison at the splitting of the Red Sea, is one that Jews continue to sing in our daily prayers. The meanings of the verses will ring with personal relevance as Rabbi Wein shows how the miracle of our freedom replays itself as we triumph in our everyday lives and struggles.

Haazinu - Moshe's song of prophecy before his death stirs us awake with its rebuke and warnings of the future. Rabbi Wein addresses some of its central themes - God's ultimate justice, the uprightness required of Jews, and the test of prosperity - and highlights the eternal relationship between God and the Jewish people.

Chana's Song - The song of thanks and praise which Chana sang in gratitude for the birth of her son moves us through the entire spectrum of human emotion. With prophetic vision, she foresaw the greatness her son would ultimately achieve, but most importantly of all, her words describe God's infinite mercy and give us hope that God will support each of us through our own difficult times.

Devora's Song - Just as Devora Ha Navia played an exceptional role amongst the women of the Tanach, her victory song holds a unique place for its multi-layered messages. It is simultaneously a retelling of the battles, a thanksgiving to God, and a rebuke to the Jews for passivity in the war. Rabbi Wein uncovers the song's multiple layers of meaning and excites us with its picture of Jewish heroism.

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