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The Beginning of the Mishna
History Series / Part 1

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With vivid descriptions of life for the Jews after the death of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Wein sets the scene for the creation of the Mishnah. Between the violent rule of Hadrian and the rise of Christianity, Jews were persecuted bitterly. Yet in spite of it all, great Jewish leaders continued to arise, the enigmatic Rabbi Meir amongst them. From his relationship with his teacher "Acher" to his tragic marriage to Bruria, a scholar in her own right, we learn about the life and times of one of the pillars of the Mishnah.

• Peter vs. Paul - two visions for the spread of Christianity
• the origins of anti-Semitism in Christian doctrine
• Antoninus - who was he in history?
• Why did "Acher" lose his faith?

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