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The Great War: How It Began
Adriatic Adventure: Destiny Summer Tour 2014
The Great War: 100 Years Later

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World War I was called The Great War. The trauma of this epic and bloody struggle left Europe and the world reeling. The political, social and economic ramifications had a profound and irrevocable effect upon mankind. So much so that its aftereffects are still with us today.

This lecture series highlights the changes and events that caused this cataclysmic shift in world policy and outlook.

Take a listen and gain a deeper understanding of the twentieth century and our current world through the backdrop of this conflict that a century later it is still called The Great War and still casts its ominous shadow over current events and conflicts.

The effects on the Jewish people have been especially traumatic and profound. Given in a concise and yet analytic way, amidst the backdrop of the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea on our 2014 Destiny Summer tour, Rabbi Berel Wein traces our path from 1914 to 2014 in light of these events.

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