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The House of Rashi
History Series / Part 2

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More than any Torah scholar who ever lived, Rashi made the Talmud accessible to the Jewish people. With specific examples of Rashi's tremendous contributions to Jewish thought, Rabbi Wein demonstrates why the epithet "the teacher of Israel" so perfectly fits this great master.

• the story of the family that fathered Ashkenazic Jewry
• Rashi's superhuman accomplishments in Torah scholarship
• Rashi's daughters and their roles in his work
• the Baalei Tosfos, carrying on their grandfather's legacy
• Rashi's love of humanity, even amidst the Crusades

For more on the life and works of Rashi, his children, and his grandchildren, the eight-lecture set "The House of Rashi" is not to be missed!

And to introduce your kids to his staggering accomplishments, please check out our animated DVD, "Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages."

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