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The Human Story:
The Books of Daniel, Iyov, & Ezra
3 Lectures

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There are books of the Bible that are difficult to know but very necessary to understand. Among the books that especially fall into this category are those of Ezra, Iyov and Daniel. They deal with human adversity, both personal and national. And, for that reason they present insights for each of us in our own lives and in the realm of national and international affairs. There is a theme of hardheaded rationalism combined with supernatural messianic and utopian hope blended together in these divinely inspired books. This series of lectures examines these three important books of the Bible and points out their relevance to our times and circumstances.

Individual lectures:

Iyov - The Book of Job asks the universal question: if God is just, why do people suffer? Rabbi Wein retells the story of Job in all its poignancy, and after weighing the answers Job receives from his friends and from God Himself, he helps us gain the perspective we need to face our own times of trouble.

Daniel - The Book of Daniel is so complex and mysterious, Jews rarely study it, but Rabbi Wein braves the challenge and clarifies its difficult issues. The Book is divided into two sections: one a narrative history of the first Babylonian exile, and the other an account of Daniel's prophetic visions. Whether his visions refer to his own times or predict the coming of the Messiah is a matter of fervent debate amongst the great Torah commentators, and Rabbi Wein summarizes their positions, shedding light on this mystical book of Tanach.

Ezra - The charismatic Ezra Ha Sofer ranks among the greatest leaders of the Jewish people. With the help of his disciple Nechemia, he was responsible for re-establishing Jewish life in the Land of Israel after the first exile. Rabbi Wein describes their tremendous accomplishments which created the foundation of both the Second Commonwealth and the Torah life that continues to sustain us through the present exile.

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