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The Lovers of Zion
History Series / Part 3

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The early history of the Jewish resettlement of the Land of Israel involves a colorful cast of characters and a gripping struggle. The Jews always had a presence in Israel, though it dwindled severely because of the Crusades. Revival began as the Spanish exiles re-established themselves in the Holy Land, and when the Ashkenazim began immigrating in the 1700's, the Jews became the majority population in Israel once again. In the 1860's, the Chovevei Tzion movement arose in Eastern Europe, promoting a mass return to Israel. Attracting both religious and secular Jews, and with the financial backing of Baron de Rothschild, this varied and idealistic group opened the doors for Zionism.

• Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever, the visionary founder
• the early settlements of the students of the Vilna Gaon
• "the Land of Israel is acquired by suffering" - how the Jewish concept played out in reality
• Kupath Rebbe Meir Baal Ha Nes - the collection and distribution of money for Israel

For an in-depth biography of Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever, please see our series "Pillars of the Past."

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