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The Sabbath in Jewish History
3 Lectures

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Why is Sabbath observance such a central pillar of Jewish life? Why is it listed among the Ten Commandments, making it one of the ideals of ethical monotheism? Rabbi Berel Wein examines the philosophy of the Sabbath and its observance in Judaism vs.other faiths. As you explore the Sabbath, you'll confront its unique relationship to every Jewish soul - even yours.

"I used to listen to this series every Friday to spiritually prepare for the Sabbath." - Yank Poleyeff, New Jersey.

Individual lectures:

Part 1 - "More than the Jews keep the Sabbath, the Sabbath keeps the Jews." The Talmudic saying is much more than an inspiring concept; it is a fact of history. With stories from the prisons of Siberia to the department stores of Miami, Rabbi Wein shows how Jews who sacrifice to keep Shabbos link themselves and their descendants to the Jewish people for generations.

Part 2- What is the secret of success? How can a person attain a healthy self-esteem? The answer to these seemingly modern concerns lies in the ancient yet ageless observance of Shabbos. Rabbi Wein teaches how both the preparation before Shabbos and the enjoyment of the day itself are the necessary ingredients to bring inner peace to every Jew.

Part 3 - There is a dual nature to Shabbos which reflects the basic duality of Judaism itself. Shabbos involves both the earthly pleasures of this world and the spiritual pleasures of the Next. How do these apparent contradictions intersect? It is in the Laws of Shabbos, the specific behaviors required on that day. With stories from the Talmud and Chassidus, Rabbi Wein sheds light on the connection between Jews, the Shabbos, and God Himself.

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