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The Second World War
History Series / Part 3

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World War II was the most destructive war in all of world history, and Rabbi Wein looks at it from a military point of view, outlining its most pivotal battles - from Hitler’s initial invasion of Poland, to the blitzkrieg over England, and ultimately to the race to build the atom bomb. With Rabbi Wein’s blow-by-blow analysis, listeners will feel the fear and passion that swept the world in its great effort to defeat Hitler.

• Winston Churchill - the hero of World War Two
• Stalin, Hitler and the Non-Aggression Pact - what it meant for the world in general and the Jews in particular
• Operation Barbarossa - how the invasion of Russia became Hitler's undoing
• FDR and the United States - from the sidelines to the thick of battle
• the battles in Asia, the Middle East, and more!

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