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The Sinai Campaign
History Series /Part 3

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Once Israel had won its War of Independence, world sympathy for the Jews proved to be short-lived. General Nasser of Egypt, with a vision of a Pan-Arab empire with himself at the helm, launched a campaign of terrorism and shelling. By 1956, Israel took a pre-emptive strike against Nasser and invaded the Sinai Desert, reaching the Suez Canal within four days. Under world pressure, Israel was forced to withdraw, gaining no protection and security for itself. Especially in light of current events, Ben Gurion's criticism that this was a "wasted war" becomes abundantly clear.

• the beginning of state-sponsored terrorism
• the UN's turn against Israel
• Soviet Russia and its aid to the Arabs
• the fierce debate over German reparations
• Nasser's call for Israel's "final liquidation"

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