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The State of Israel
History Series / Part 3

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The theological significance of the Jews' gaining a state of their own is hotly debated until today, but wherever you stand on the issue, the urgency of the times rings through loud and clear as Rabbi Wein describes the battles of the War of Independence and the Jewish victory against monumental odds.

• "Rock of Israel" and Israel's secular-religious divide
• the tragic losses of the Etz Zion kibbutzim
• the Lamed-Hay soldiers and the dilemmas of war
• Rabbi Wein's memories that paint the feelings of the times
• Ben Gurion - the pragmatic idealist
• King Farouk of Egypt - 300 pounds, a collector of pornography, and a fairly easy foe to overcome

For more on the War of Independence, you won't want to miss "The Miracle of Israel," episode 6 of Rabbi Wein's award-winning documentary film "Faith and Fate."

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