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The Treaty of Versailles
History Series / Part 3

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The peace treaty meant to settle World War I angered all sides and planted the seeds for the next war. Not only did the attempts to disarm Germany backfire with Hitler's rallying cry for vengeance, the divisions of the defeated Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires created countries harboring ancient ethnic rivalries. Caught in the middle of each and every conflict were the Jews.

Yet this same treaty, which caused so much damage, offered the Jews one ray of hope. By mandating Palestine to British control with the Balfour Declaration, it seemed the idea of a Jewish State would finally bear fruit at last.

• the Palace of Versailles - the worst place for a peace treaty
• Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
• the fateful effect of Wilson's stroke
• England and France - driven by revenge
• Rav Kook - diplomat for the Jews

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