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Discover the key to our experiences today by learning from yesterday.

Experience the richness of the Jewish past and its impact on the present. Listen as history comes alive in an entertaining manner – in your home, in your car, as you exercise – or just to relax.

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•116 hours of lectures on Jewish history by world-renowned historian Rabbi Berel Wein plus 10 BONUS LECTURES

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Beginning of the Second Commonwealth
The Men of the Great Assembly
The Coming of the Greeks
Hellenism and Chanukah
The Hasmoneans
The Prushim and Tzedukim
The End of Hasmoneans
Herod the Great
The Herodian Era
Agrippa and the Coming of Christianity
The Times of the Roman War
The Destruction of Second Temple
Yavne and the Early Tanaim
Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva
The Beginning of the Mishna
The Mishnah - History Series
The Beginning of Babylonian Talmud
Rise of Christianity
The End of the Talmudic Era
The Rise of Islam
The Early Gaonic Period
Mid-Gaonic Period-Saadia Gaon
Beginnings of Ashkenazic & Sephardic Jewry
End of the Gaonim to the Beginning of the Rishonim
Development of Spanish Jewry
The Age of Rabbi Yehuda Halevy
Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon / Part 1
Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon / Part 2
Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman
Christian Re-conquest of Spain

Ashkenazic Jewry in France
The House of Rashi
The First Crusade
The Age of Rabbeinu Tam
Expulsions & Burnings: the 13th Century
The Ashkenazim Come to Spain
The Black Death
The End of Spanish Jewry
The Jews and the Renaissance
The Marranos
The Jews Come to Poland
Rabbi Yosef Caro
The Reformation
The Dawn of the 17th Century
Tach V'Tat 1648-1649
Shabsai Tzvi
Regrets and Recrimination
The Coming of Reform
Reform and the Enlightenment
Chassidus 1
Chassidus 2
The Gaon of Vilna
Jewish Russia 1800-1850
The 1850's
The Yeshivos 1
The Yeshivos 2
The Mussar Movement

The Mussar Movement
The Lovers of Zion
The New World
The New AntiSemitism
Dreyfus Trial
Political Zionism
The First Aliyah
Beilis, Kishinev, and the Kaiser
Zionism, Uganda and Palestine
The Coming of the Great War
The First World War
The Treaty of Versailles
British Mandate Over Palestine
The Third Aliyah
Jewish Europe Between the Wars
The Coming of Hitler
American Jewry before WW II
The Second World War
Destruction of European Jewry
Guilt and Horror
The State of Israel
The Ingathering of Exiles
The Sinai Campaign
The Changing Face of Jewish Life
The Six Day War
The Yom Kippur War
The Struggle for Survival

Man and Civilization
The Flood
Nimrod, Babel and Paganism
The Family of Israel
Egypt, Feudalism and Imperialism
Israel and Egypt
The Exodus
Moses, Joshua and Conquest
Judges / Part 2
Samuel and Saul
The Divided Kingdom
The Prophets
Elijah, Aram and Shomron
The Fall of the North Kingdom
The Judean Monarchy
Hezekiah, Isaiah and Manesseh
Assyria and Babylonia
Destruction of First Temple
Gedalya and Egypt
The Babylonian Exile

10 BONUS LECTURES include:

Rambam and Ravad - A Difference of Opinion
The Chumash - Educational Insights
Az Yashir - Songs of Tanach
The Tur - Spectacular Spain '99
Chaunkah - Around the Jewish Year
R' Meir Shapiro - Guides Through the Dark Years
Holocaust Denial - The Destruction of European Jewry
Reform and Tradition - Great Controversies
Rabbi Meir - Great Men of The Mishnah and Talmud
Thomas Jefferson - Great Non-Jews

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