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Women of Valor
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The matriarchs are the cornerstone of the Jewish people, but they were not without spiritual successors. In later generations, Miriam, Chana, and Yael carried on the chain of tradition, each in accordance with her own unique character. With the Midrashim that bring their deeds to life, Rabbi Wein explores the extraordinary impact of these heroines of the Tanach, three of our greatest women of valor.

Individual lectures:

Miriam - Seven prophetesses arose in Jewish history, but Miriam stands out among them – she began her “career” at the tender age of six. Between her advice to her father, the care she took of the infant Moshe, and the be’er that existed in her merit, the Tanach makes it clear: Miriam is a source of life. Rabbi Wein’s penetrating insights into her vision and actions reveal her distinctly feminine view of the Jewish future.

Chana - Chana’s struggle with childlessness in many ways parallels Sarah’s. Their stories are even linked together in the Rosh Hashanah services. But in other ways, Chana stands alone. More than any of the great prophetesses, she unlocked the secret of prayer. Rabbi Wein explores the powerful legacy she left us: that a broken heart can bring national redemption.

Yael - Yael appears only once in Tanach, but her single act of courage puts her on par with Sarah, Rivkah, Rochel and Leah. What precisely happened in that tent is a matter of Talmudic debate, and Rabbi Wein presents all sides with no whitewash, delving into the tricky, sticky, and fascinating concept of “aveirah l’shmo.”

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